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Explore the Fishing Reports page, where Captain Scott at BadAss Fishing Adventures, LLC shares the latest insights and highlights from recent angling excursions on the North Platte River in Douglas, Wyoming. As an experienced guide, Captain Scott meticulously details the day's adventure, offering a glimpse into the thriving world of trophy catches and the ever-changing conditions of the water. From successful strategies to unexpected surprises, each report is a narrative that unfolds the story of the day's expedition. Stay informed, gain valuable insights, and relive the excitement as Captain Scott provides a firsthand account of the thriving fishing experiences that make BadAss Fishing Adventures, LLC a premier choice for angling enthusiasts.

We got these questions a lot. What river runs through Douglas Wyoming? Do you need a fishing license to fish in Douglas Wyoming? How much is a charter in Douglas Wyoming? The North Platte River runs through Douglas, Wyoming, offering abundant fishing opportunities with BadAss Fishing Adventures, LLC providing guided trips for memorable angling experiences. Fishing in Douglas requires a license, and Captain Scott can assist in obtaining one. The charters with BadAss Fishing Adventures, LLC are priced between $550 and $1050, depending on the number of guests on the trip.

BadAss Fishing Adventures, LLC specializes in premier walleye fishing, complemented by the thrill of landing Channel Catfish and Crappie. Each expedition spans 8 hours, with pricing ranging from $550 to $600, contingent on the number of guests. Captain Scott also extends an enticing offer for a 2-day trip, presenting a $50 discount for those who choose to embark on an extended angling adventure with him.

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